Blichmann Engineering: 15 Gallon Boilermaker Brew Pot

Blichmann Engineering: 15 Gallon Boilermaker Brew Pot
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Weight 35.00 lbs
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The BoilerMaker line of brew pots have been designed specifically for home brewing.

Blichmann didn't sacrifice features or quality by leveraging a combination of existing cooking pots...they designed the ideal pot from the ground up and built them from scratch! Note that the sizes are perfect for home brew batch sizes!

Heavy 18ga 304 stainless steel construction 10/15/20/30/55 gal sizes designed specifically for home brewing batch sizes (5gal to 1bbl)

Includes adjustable BrewMometer and our 3 pc stainless ball valve as standard.

Heavy duty borosilicate GLASS level gauge never clouds or scratches is standard equipment!

Features rugged stainless steel guard with laser etched volume graduations, cleaning brush and clean-out ports.

Exclusive snap-in dip tube design installs without tools and drains to within 3/8” of bottom!

Handles oriented to make carrying easier and the lid stores neatly on the pot handle!

Stepped bottom on pot supports mash screen and virtually eliminate sidewall shunting Patent pending optional button louver false bottom is a hybrid of a perforated screen (high efficiency) and a slotted manifold (plug resistance) – get the best of both!!
Optional boil screen with shield keeps hops and hot break out of your fermentor.
Blichmann Engineering is committed to continuous product improvement, so design details may change from the photo's shown.
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