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The Brew Keg Deluxe Microbrewery System allows you to brew premium, world class beers right in your own home. Mr. Beer® is the most advanced and widely acclaimed home brewing product on the market. Modern technology combined with select ingredients assures you of reliable results the first time, every time. The fresh flavor and hand crafted quality of your beers will compete with the most famous and expensive beers throughout the world. With brewing experience, you and your friends will prefer your brews to the commercial brands available.

West Coast Pale Ale is included with kit. It is a mild beer with a full body and a great flavor. All beer mixes are made of 100% natural ingredients with no additives preservatives.

Brews twenty 12oz. beers each week. Ready to enjoy your first beer in 14 days. Second batch can start brewing in 7 days.

Alcohol content for first beer as per instructions in the kit is equal to a standard commercial beer. Alcohol is produced by natural fermentation, just like the big breweries, it is not added.

The beer naturally carbonates in the bottle and has good head. There are no industrial CO2 cartridges needed to provide pressure, beer head, or sparkle.

Up to 75% cost savings compared to commercially brewed Microbrewed beers.

The Brew Keg Deluxe Microbrewery is made of an advanced Rez-Tech Poly Vinyl Chloride. It is FDA compliant for food and beverage, imparts no taste or flavor migration, is lightweight, shatter resistant and virtually indestructible. The wide mouth opening allows for easy hand cleaning.

Mr. Beer is designed for the beginning and advanced homebrewers and is the state of the art in the hombrewing industry.

Comes complete with everything you need to brew beer:

*Advanced Rez-Tech Poly Vinyl Chloride Brew Keg Fermenter

*1 Can West Coast Pale Ale mix makes the equilvalant of 20-12oz. beers

*Brewing with Mr Beer® booklet, filled with brewing tips and recipes

*Simple, complete and easy to follow instructions

*Click Here to View Mr. BEER Instructions*



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Mr. Beer Deluxe Microbrewery System
Equipment & 1st Batch Included!
Our price: $45.00
Mr. Beer Hard Cider Making Kit
Mr. Beer Hard Cider Kit
Our price: $59.99
Mr. Beer Premium Home-Brew Starter kit
This Brew Kit comes with everything needed to brew and bottle your first batch of top-quality beer. Reuse this kit again and again with Mr. Beer Refill Brew Packs -- which are available in many flavors -- so you're sure to find the right brew for you.

(1) Fermenter with Lid & Tap Assembly
(1) Standard Refill
(8) Reusable Plastic 1-Liter Bottles w/ Caps
(8) Labels with MR.BEER® Logo
(1) Brewing with MR.BEER® -- Instructional DVD
(1) Easy to Follow 4 Step Brewing Instructions

Our price: $57.99
Market price: $59.99 save 3%

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