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We stock the complete line of Blichmann Products. Visit Stange Brew Beer and Winemaking, or order online.
Our Blichmann products include the following:
  • Fermenator Stainless Steel Weldless Conical Fementers

(Available in 7 gallon, 14.5 gallon and 27 gallon sizes)

Fermenator extension kit (for use with 27 gallon fermenator) holds 42 gallons.

Also available with sanitary tri-clamp fittings.

Fermenator Leg extensions sold separately.

Fermenator casters (wheels) sold separately.

  • Boilermaker Brew Pots

10 gallon boilermaker

15 gallon boilermaker

20 gallon boilermaker

30 gallon boilermaker

55 gallon boilermaker

  • Boilermaker accessories

Boil Kettle Strainer

False bottoms for Boilermakers (all sizes)

  • Thrumometer (in-line thermometer)
  • Therminator (plate wort chiller)
  • 3 pc stainless ball valves
  • Brewmometer Bi-Metal Thermometers (weldless models, adjustable models)
  • Blichmann Beer Gun: Stainless Bottle filler
  • NEW!!! Blichmann TOP TIER BREWING STAND, Now in stock!

Contact us for more details or to order Blichmann Engineering Products.

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