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Top 10 Wish List


Everybody loves to receive gifts.  Your favorite home-brewer is certainly no exception.  According to our recent survey, “Which Home-Brew Accessory would you most like to receive as a gift?” here’s the Top 10 Most Popular Requests.  We’ve also included some of our favorite quotes from brewer’s about these items and why they crave them so.


  1. Home-Brew Kegging System:  “I love BEEEEEEEEEEEER!” Much quicker than bottling!  Who wouldn’t want beer on tap?!?  Mini Keg System Starts at $89.99  Our most popular = $250.00
  2. Beer Ingredient Kit:  “I’ve never met a beer I didn’t like.”  Available in over 25 distinct styles with hundreds of variations, this is the perfect gift for any home-brewer.  Our Award winning recipe kits come with all of the ingredients and instructions to make 5 gallons of quality home-brew.  Price Range $32-$65.00
  3. Wine Kit:  “Don’t tell my grandfather, but my wine is MUCH better than his…” Did you know that winemaking is almost as popular as beer brewing?  And the winemakers have spoken, with wine ingredient kits coming in third on our list.  With over 60 styles of wine kits available, there’s sure to be one for everyone.  Most of our kits make 30 bottles of premium quality wine, and all of them at an incredible savings over similar store bought products.  Average ingredient cost is a mere $2-$4 dollars per bottle!  Our most popular Red Wine Kit (Merlot) = $82.95 or White Wine Kit (Pinot Grigio) = $79.95
  4.  Beer and Wine Filter:  “This wine’s so clear it’s practically invisible.”  Produce clearer beer and wine without the wait and without the extra chemical clarifiers.  Reduce or eliminate fine particles and even sediment from your finished product.  VinBrite Filter = $37.95   Buon Vino Mini Jet = $195.00
  5. Gift Certificates:  “Show me the Money!”  Home-Brewers can be tough to shop for.  Not sure what to get? Here’s a gift he or she is sure to love.  Let them decide what they want.  One size fits all.  Now valid for 7 years from date of purchase.  Available in any denomination.
  6. Grolsch Bottles (Flipper Bottles):  “I hate it when people don’t return my bottles!” Everyone loves these bottles!  Great for beer, wine and more.  Now Available in 16 oz. and 33 oz. Clear, Amber, or Cobalt Blue Bottles.  Fancier 1 Liter and 2 Liter Flipper Bottles are also available.  Prices Vary.  Our most popular flipper bottle  = 12 per case, 16 oz Amber Bottles $29.95
  7. Auto Siphon:  “It sucks…but in a good way ;)” Transfer liquids quickly and easily and CLEANLY.  No more sucking on the siphon hose!  $12.99
  8. Bottle Washer:  “I wish I had gotten this for my first batch!”  Clean Bottles and Carboys quickly and easily with this must-have accessory for the home-brewer.  $14.95 (Add a faucet adaptor for $4.95)
  9. Polar Ware Brew Pot:  “I wonder how many lobster would fit in HERE.”  These are awesome brew pots! Brew a larger batch!  Avoid messy Boil-overs.  Heavy Gauge stainless steel helps prevent scorching.  Threaded side port ideal for optional thermometer.  Available in 10 and 15 Gallon sizes. 10 g = $295.00, 15 g. = $350.00
  10. Rotating Bottle Tree With Sulfiter:  “What the heck is THAT thing?!?”  This rotating stand is great for drying your bottles after washing.  The sulfiter helps to sanitize your bottle by spraying them with sulfite or any other sanitizing solution.  Conveniently fits atop the rotating tree.  Tree holds 81 Beer or Wine Bottles. $59.90

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