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September Cider Will Be Available at Cider Day - 09/03/16

Also Available at Harvestfest - 10/01/16.

As anyone who has left apple cider around for a couple of months knows, it can turn into alcohol on its own. The natural yeast on the skins will commence fermentation on their own.

For a higher quality product, and quicker results, we strongly recommend the addition of yeast (at the very least).


Fresh-Pressed Apple Cider

  • Strange Brew Exclusive Pressing
  • No Preservatives.
  • UnPasteurized.
  • Pick-up in Marlboro only. 
  • Pick-up at Cider Day on 09/03/16, or Harvestfest 10/01/16
  • Cider is "on-tap", bucket not included.
  • Bucket of Cider Deal: 5 gallons of Cider in a New  6.5 Gallon Fermenting Bucket w/ Lid = $46.00 ($42.50 prepaid cash)
  • Bring your own Bucket/Carboy or buy one here. Many sizes available.


Fresh Apple Cider

Sold per Gallon. Pre-Order Prices:

1 gallon: $6.95

Full 1 gallon Jug w/ Cap and Airlock: $10.99

5+ Gallons: $5.95 per gallon

20+ Gallons: $4.95 per gallon

The following recipe is for those who want a little more control over the process and the end product. 


Basic Hard-Cider Recipe:

This is a 1 gallon recipe. Scale up all ingredients (*except yeast) to whatever size batch you want.

*1 pack of yeast is enough to ferment 1-10 gallons of cider per pack. (Do not attempt to store any unused portion of yeast.)

1 Gallon fresh pressed cider (NO Preservatives, and unpasteurized if possible)

8-16 oz. Corn Sugar (or malt extract, honey etc.)

½ tsp. Pectic enzyme

½ tsp. Yeast Nutrient

(Optional) 1 campden tablet (crush) OR 1/8 tsp Potassium Metabisulfite

1 package Champagne Yeast

Mix all ingredients (Except YEAST) into a sealable fermenting vessel and allow to sit for 24 hours.

During this time, the Campden tablet/sulfite is killing the wild yeasts already present on the apple skins.

When the campden has de-activated 24 hrs later, add 1 pack of champagne yeast and attach airlock (1/2 filled with water).

Ferment at 60-75 F.

The yeast will begin to ferment the sugar and produce sediment, (which will drop to the bottom), alcohol, (Our real goal here :) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) which escapes through the airlock, without allow harmful bacteria to enter.

After 1-2 weeks bubbling in the airlock will subside (1+ minute between bubbles) and it’s time to bottle.

For Apple Wine:

Transfer into another clean fermenter and wait 2 weeks.

Then add 1 campden tablet per gallon and bottle in wine bottles.

*For apple wine you may also add an additional 10 oz. of sugar during the first step, and ferment an additional 1-2 weeks*

For Sparkling (Carbonated) Hard Apple Cider:

Add one ounce of dextrose (brewer’s sugar) per gallon of cider, mix in and bottle (in beer bottles, with caps). Allow to sit for 2+ weeks @ 60-75 F. to carbonate. Chill and enjoy.

Please contact us or call our toll-free brewing hotline at 1-888-BREWING for more detailed info.

*Stay tuned, we will be updating the cidermaking section with more heplful info as time permits.

Contact us if you have any tips to add to our cidermaking page!


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Yeast Nutrient 4 oz.
Use 1 tsp per gallon.
Our price: $2.99
Cidermaking: Fresh Pressed Cider (Pick-Up in Marlboro, Ma Only)
Our price: $6.95
Winemaker's Additive Pack
Contains the most frequently used additives. (great for cider & mead too!)
Our price: $15.95
5 Gallons Cider with Fermenting Bucket (Marlborough Pick Up Only)
5 Gallons of Unpasteurized Cider With Fermenting Bucket
Our price: $46.00

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