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 What do I need to start brewing Wine? 
   o Starter Equipment Kit
   o Grand Cru Winemaking Ingredient Kit 
   o 2.5 cases of Bottles 

 What type of stuff can I make? 
   o White Wines 
   o Red Wines 
   o Champagne 
   o Port, Ice Wine 
   o Hard Cider and More! 
   o Tell us what type of wine you like to drink, and we’ll help you choose the right ingredient kit. 

 How much does it cost? 
   o A Starter Equipment kit and Basic Grand Cru Ingredient Kit is all you need to start winemaking. 
   o Re--use old wine bottles. 
   o Your first batch (Ingredients and Equipment) is approx. $150.00! 
   o Optional Upgrades available. Ask our cellar-master for advice. 

 How much do I make at a time? 
   o 6 Gallons is the Standard Batch Size for wine. 
   o This makes approximately 30 x 750 ml Bottles. 

 Is Home-WineMaking Difficult? 
   o Home WineMaking from a kit is even easier than beer brewing! 
   o With a little basic knowledge Home-WineMaking is very easy. 
   o Hey, you do it WHILE you’re drinking! 

 Does it taste good? 
   o The Best Wines I have EVER had have been Home-Made. 
   o Remember to be patient. Most wines that don’t taste delicious aren’t quite ready yet. 
   o Sure, it’s possible to make mistakes, but you get to Drink those mistakes. 

 How long does it take? 
   o The sanitization and mixing process takes about 30 minutes. 
   o The bottling process takes approx. 1 - 2 hours. 
   o Time from Start to Drinking is 6+ weeks. 

 How long will it last? 
   o Wine should stay fresh for 1-2 years months or more. 
   o Wines with high alcohol and tannin content will last longer. 
   o Careful adherence to proper sanitation techniques will increase the shelf life of your wine. 
   o Minimize Oxygen contact later in the process and use premium corks to increase the shelf life. 

 Is Home-WineMaking legal? 
   o Yes. 
   o You may legally brew up to 100 gallons of wine per year. 
   o You may legally brew up to 200 gallons per year with 2 or more adults in the house-hold. 
   o Home-Distillation is also legal but requires proper federal licensing. 

 Ok. I’m Ready. What do I do now? 
   o Buy your supplies from Strange Brew. 
      - Visit our Retail Store. 
      - Order Online. 
      - Phone in your Order.
      - Visit our satellite locations at Rollies Variety or Yankee Spirits.
   o Ferment and bottle your Wine. Remember, Be Patient. 
   o Drink your own Home-Made Wine! 
   o Contact us at 1-888-BREWING with ANY questions. 

Click here  for directions and more information:

How to Make WINE from Fresh GRAPES.

Or check out Winemaker Magazine's Winemaking Tips.

Read on for Basic Winemaking procedures, which focus on:

Making WINE from CONCENTRATE Kits.

Basic winemaking is very easy. 

Read below for info, or check out the instructions, they are the same as the instructions  provided with our most popular kits.  We recommend the RJ SPAGNOLS GRAND CRU for the beginner.

The New Wine Kits: 

Fun, Simple and Delicious!


A whole new world awaits beginning winemakers, seasoned winemakers, and oenophiles of all sorts!  Thanks to a new generation of wine kits, home winemakers can easily produce exceptional, high quality wines with minimal time, effort and expertise.

Several key factors unique to the new kits make this possible. First, unlike older concentrates and kits, the new products are post-vintner. This means that a professional winemaker has already analyzed the juice and concentrate, balancing it for acid, pH and sugar. In turn, home winemakers enjoy the ease and convenience of complete, ready-to-ferment products.

Second, recent advancements such as flash pasteurization and aseptic packaging enable kit suppliers to proudce a shelf-stable product which will both survive the chain of distribution and yet activate easily when opened.

With wine increasingly becoming an everyday drink - a development spurred in part by recent studies reporting health benefits associated with moderate consumption of alcohol - now is the perfect time to uncork the ease and excellence of today's home winemaking kits! 

And for the best results, use the best kits:  We recommend  RJSpagnols!

An Overview of the Winemaking Process:

1)    Preparation:     Here you'll choose your kit, and assemble the small amount of equipment   necessary. then sanitize all materials, open the kit, review the instructions, and get started!   As always, you can contact us anytime for more detailed info and winemaking tips.  You'll need:

  • One 7-8 gallon food-grade plastic fermentation bucket with airtight lid, drilled for airlock
  • Airlock (a small plastic water valve which permits C02 gas produced by fermentation to escape, while protecting the young wine from air-borne contamination
  • 6 gallon glass Carboy and drilled rubber stopper to fit
  • Siphon equipment, including siphon starter, tubing, bottle filler
  • Corks and a Corker
  • Bottles
  • Spoon or Paddle
  • And, of course, the Wine Kit of your Choice. 

2)    Fermentation: Quick and Easy! You'll empty the ingredients into your fermentation bucket, then add water, yeast (included in the kit), and any additive pack called for in the kit instructions. Place a lid on the bucket, attach the airlock, and you're on the way!

3)    Transfer: Intermittently over the next month or so, the directions will call for actions to be taken.  For example, you'll move the wine from the fermentation bucket to a glass vessel (called a carboy), and add various additive packs supplied with the kit.

4)    De-gassing: When the wine is almost ready to bottle, you'll stir it repeatedly over  the course of a day to release as much carbon dioxide as possible from suspension in the wine. This is a simple-yet-important element in the aging process.

5)    Bottling: The big day! You'll clean, fill and cork bottles, and that's that.  Then it's time to apply custom labels and any other bottle adornments that tickle your fancy. In a couple of weeks or so, your wine will be ready for drinking!

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Click Here for RJ SPAGNOLS CRU SELECT (GOLD or PLATINUM) Instructions



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