Home-Brew 101


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 What do I need to start brewing BEER? 
   o Starter Equipment Kit 
   o EZ Brew Ingredient Kit 
   o Brew Kettle (4+ Gallons) 
   o 2.5 cases of Bottles 

 What type of stuff can I make? 
   o Light Lagers 
   o Pale Ales o Hoppy IPA’s 
   o Dark Stouts 
   o Anything! 
   o Tell us what type of beer you like to drink, and we’ll help you choose the right recipe kit. 

 How much does it cost? 
   o A Starter Equipment kit and EZ Ingredient Kit is all you need to start brewing. 
   o Add your own brew pot, and re-use old pry-top beer bottles. 
   o Your first batch (Ingredients and Equipment) is less than $100.00! 
   o Optional Upgrades available. Ask our brew-master for advice. 

 How much do I make at a time? 
   o 5 Gallons is the Standard Batch Size 
   o This makes approximately 54 x 12 oz. Bottles. 

 Is Home-Brewing Difficult? 
   o Is Baking a cake difficult? 
   o With a little basic knowledge Home-brewing is very easy. 
   o Hey, you do it WHILE you’re drinking! 

 Does it taste good? 
   o The best beers I have EVER had have been Home-Brews. 
   o Remember to be patient. Most beers that don’t taste delicious aren’t quite ready yet. 
   o Sure, it’s possible to make mistakes, but you get to Drink those mistakes. 

 How long does it take? 
   o The brewing process takes 30 – 90 minutes. 
   o The bottling process takes 1 - 2 hours. o Time from Start to Drinking is 4+ weeks. 

 How long will it last? 
   o Beer should stay fresh for 6 months or more. 
   o Beers with high alcohol and hop content will last longer. 
   o Careful adherence to proper sanitation techniques will increase the shelf life of your brew. 

 Is Home-Brewing legal? 
   o Yes.
   o You may legally brew up to 100 gallons of beer per year. 
   o You may legally brew up to 200 gallons per year with 2 adults in the house-hold. 
   o Home-Distillation is also legal but requires proper federal licensing. 

 Ok. I’m Ready. What do I do now? 
   o Buy your supplies from Strange Brew. 
      - Visit our Retail Store 
      - Order Online 
      - Phone in your Order 
      - Visit our satellite locations at Rollies Variety or Yankee Spirits 
   o Brew and bottle your beer. Relax. 
   o Drink your own Home-Brew! 
   o Contact us at 1-888-BREWING with ANY questions.

More Beer Brewing Information


• No Fermentation: 
   o Aerate well. 
   o Don’t Re-hydrate too hot. 
   o Make sure temp. = 60-75F. 
   o Look inside, it MAY BE FERMENTING without bubbling through the airlock. 
   o Re-pitch Yeast if necessary. 

• Fast Fermentation: My beer fermented for a couple of hours (or a couple of days) and now the airlock has stopped bubbling. What happened? 
   o It may be done. 
   o Don’t Worry. 
   o Take Hydrometer reading before transferring or bottling. 

• Slow Fermentation: My beer has been fermenting for a couple of weeks and it’s still bubbling. When will it end?
   o It’s probably almost done. 
   o Don’t Worry. 
   o Make sure temp. = 60-75F. 
   o Take Hydrometer reading before transferring or bottling. 


• Barley: What's the difference between liquid and dry malt extract? 
   o You’ll get a little more BODY from Dried Malt Extract (DME) 
   o 3.3# of Liquid = approx 3# of DME 

• Hops: What's the difference between hop pellets, hop plugs, and hop leaf (whole hops)?
   o Not much of a difference. Usage is roughly equivalent. 
   o Pellets preserve bitterness longer. 
   o Plugs and Whole Leaf may have a fresher aroma when stored properly. 

• Yeast: Should I use Liquid Yeast or Dry Yeast? 
   o Dried Yeast is cheaper and stays fresh longer. 
   o There are MANY different styles of Liquid Yeast. 
   o Liquid Yeast can be re-used to save $. 
   o Though dried yeast can make great beer, I personally prefer Liquid Yeast. 

• Water: Should I use Tap Water, Well Water, Spring Water, or Distilled Water? 
   o Any good drinking water should be fine. 
   o Don’t use chlorinated (city) water. 
   o If using distilled water you may want to add water crystals or other minerals to your brew. 
   o Water pH is more important for all-grain brewing. 

Brewing Procedures

• What is the difference between extract, partial-mash, and all-grain brewing? 
   o The starches in Malted Barley are processed into sugars by a commercial malting company or by the brewer. 
   o Extract brewing is great for the beginner. 
   o Partial mash (using some grain) is ok for the intermediate brewer. 
   o All-Grain brewing requires advanced techniques and is not recommended for the beginner. 
       - All Grain brewing usually take about 6+ Hours. 
       - See our All-Grain Instructions (or a good book) for more detailed info. 

• I have conflicting Instructions. Which ones do i follow? 
   o Read a good Book. 
   o Ignore the instructions on the Malt Can. 
   o Follow the Specific Brewing Instructions included with your Recipe Kit. 
   o Contact us any time to help resolve any conflicts or questions.

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